Other Activities
Social Service:

The School organizes adventure trips creating awareness. The spirit of service and the dignity of labour is inculcated through meaningful social service projects that develop a sense of compassion and benefit the less fortunate.

Morning Assembly:

A value-based morning assembly emphasizes the School’s secular approach and influences students to understand and enjoy India’s rich heritage and culture. It reinforces ethics, etiquette, values and strengthens moral character.

Value Education:

There are value education lessons organized once a week. The Value Education classes are used to reinforce important social and ethical aspects of life in the students. Students present skits, organize debates or write essays on some moral or social theme during these lessons.

Other Activities:

Usually, the students are taken on a trekking trip twice a year. The school also conducts various sports activities like basketball, volleyball, football, etc.

Along with all this, various cultural activities are also conducted, like, dance competition, singing competition and so on.