About Nath Valley Alumni Association

The Nath Valley Alumni Association (NVAA) was formed on 14th June 2000 with the aim of bringing together all ex-students of Nath Valley School. The alumni of a school are the symbol of its foundation and its expansion and the NVAA stands strong by its alma mater.

A new committee was appointed on 27th March 2015 which stands as follows


No. Name Post
1 Nitin Gupta President
2 Arpit Save Vice President
3 Soniya Kagliwal Secretary
4 Ankit Agarwal Treasurer


No. Name Class of Year
1 Akash Kagliwal 1997
2 Parv Machar 1998
3 1999
4 Anirudh Sanganaria 2000
5 Pritesh Munot 2001
6 Nischint Machar 2002
7 Utsav Machar 2003
8 2004
9 2005
10 Aditya Sikchi 2006
11 Gauri Mirashi 2007
12 Ajinkya Save 2008
13 Mudit Todi 2009
14 Shikha Machar 2010
15 Saloni Agrawal 2011
16 Shreya Agrawal 2012
17 Karan Rajpal 2013
It was decided unanimously that the office bearers would have a three-year term.

Any student who has studied in Nath Valley School at any point of time is eligible to become a member of alumni association provided he/she has graduated from the 12th standard irrespective of the school.

To explain this further suppose a person studied in NVS but left school after 10th standard can still be a member of the alumni association once he/she has passed the 12th standard from any other institution.

All teachers associated with the school are members of the alumni association.

Annual NVAA Meet

The annual NVAA meet is held on the third Sunday of December every year. The meet is held on the next day of the Annual Day.

The strength of every school lies not only in its growth and future prospects, but also in its alumni. The alumni of a school are as important for a school as are its current students. In the alumni meet there always is a wonderful exchange of ideas between its members. Interesting conversations on various topics are the highlight of every meeting. The ex-students indulge in many innovative games, which are organized by Mr. Dass or the office bearers. Thus the mood during every meeting is very jovial as all the memories of the School days are refreshed in the alumni meet.

The alumni meet of the school gives each of its students an opportunity to contribute something towards its growth. The contribution may be in a monetary form or in the form of new ideas. Nath Valley School has a huge network of ex-students, who are of immense help to the School. Recently one of the members of the Commonwealth got in touch with Mr. Dass. This was made possible due to one of the ex-students of the School. Thus the alumni network is growing every year and is bringing in a lot of fresh ideas for the School.

The Association also plans to hold workshops and programs regularly to increase the interaction amongst alumni including talks by successful entrepreneurs and businessmen, sports activities and other events in the coming years.