Director's Note :

Educating children in the 21st Century is going to be exciting and challenging. The opportunities that the New Millennium is going to provide young people are infinite – hence the excitement. The challenge comes in equipping students to grasp these opportunities and make them bear fruit. All this has to be done without deviating from those traditional aspects of education which are essential for the overall development of a human being, such as discipline, patriotism, integrity,

compassion and of course physical growth. Nath Valley is equipped to do all the above. We train our students with the latest technology in education, and are equipped with state – of – the – art computer labs and equipment. At the same time all students have to participate in extracurricular activities, sports and social work in order to develop a well-rounded personality. We believe that the New Millennium will be ‘India’s Millennium’ and that Nath Valley Students will be in the forefront in bringing this about.