The Educational Philosophy
The following tenets comprise the School’s Philosophy of education:

1. The education programme is student-centred and catering to each individual student’s need, be it academic, emotional, physical or spiritual
2. All students are trained to optimize their learning abilities and develop personal potential to the fullest.
3. Since 100 percent of the students are expected to go to good colleges, the School endeavours to maximize their intellectual development with specific emphases on preparation for further academic studies and a rigorous college preparatory curriculum.
4. Learning with pleasure, doing one’s best and being honest to oneself, eliminates ‘Fear‘ and ‘Stress’. No examinations are held in the Primary Section. On-going Evaluation and Continuous Assessment leads to achievement of Grades.
5. A humane climate is created in the School, to promote student self-esteem, support individual creativity and encourage constructive group interaction.
6. The School strives to develop, amongst its students, an understanding and a respect for the rights and responsibilities involved in being a member of society. Importance of developing the nine intelligences eg. Spatial, visual etc are emphasized because the School endeavours to produce a successful, effective adolescent who should be
7. A thinking person who is capable of self-expression, articulate, well spoken and able to converse in languages other than English – whether it be the language of communication or the scientific and mathematical languages.
8. A productive worker who realizes that work is not only a means of survival, but a part of identity and considers successful graduation from school only the first step.
9. An ethical person who recognizes good and bad, is honest and caring and has a positive sense of global citizenship.