School Details
Name of the School with address (strictly as per Affiliation sanction letter or as permitted by the Board) with pincode no. Nath Valley School, Paithan Road, P.B. No. 567, Cantonment Post Office, Aurangabad (M.S.) 431 002
Phone No. 0240-2989080/2952779/2379247
Year of Establishment of School 1992
Whether NOC from State/UT or recommendation of Embassy of India obtained? Yes, NOC from Govt of Maharashtra
NOC No. SSN1092/2972/SE-1
NOC issuing date 26.06.1992
Is the school recognized, if yes by which Authority? C.B.S.E.
Status of Affiliation:
Permanent / Regular / Provisional Provisional
(I) Affiliation No. 1130030
(II) Affiliation with the Board since 22.02.1994
(III) Extension of affiliation up to 31.03.2025
Name of Trust / Society / Company Registered under Section 25 of the Company Act, 1956. Aurangabad Vidya Mandir Trust
Period upto which Registration of Trust / Society is valid Permanent
Sr.No. Name Designation
1 Mr. Mukund Bhogale Chairman
2 Mr. Satish Kagliwal Member
3 Mr. Raj Kumar Lila Member
4 Mr. Arpit Save Member
5 Dr. Swarup Dutta Principal, M.S.M. English School, Malkapur
6 Dr. Ashish Gadekar Registrar, MGM University
7 Dr. Preeti Sharma Asst. Prof. NSBT, Parent Representative
8 Mrs. Tejal Vakil Parent Representative
9 CA. Umesh Sharma Parent Representative
10 Mrs. Aparna Mathur Teacher (Vice Principal), Nath Valley School
11 Mrs. Sarabjit Dasgupta Teacher (Headmistress), Nath Valley School
12 Dr. Mrs. Sharda Gupta Principal, Nath Valley School (Ex-Officio-Secretary)
13 Mr. Ranjit Dass Director, Nath Valley School
Sr.No. Name and official address of the Manager / President / Chairman / Correspondent Mr. Ranjit Kumar Dass, Director, Nath Valley School, Paithan Road, P.B. No. 567, Cantonment P.O. Aurangabad (M.S.) 431 002
(I) Email
(II) Phone No. 02402989080/2379247
i) In Acres 19.16
ii) In Sq. mtrs 77600
iii) Built up area (sq. mtrs) 11698
iv) Area of Playground in sq. mtrs 187444
v) Other facilities  
a) Swimming Pool No
b) Indoor Games Yes
c) Dance Rooms Yes
d) Gymnasium Yes
e) Music Rooms Yes
f) Hostels Yes; both for Boys and Girls
g) Health and Medical Check up Yes
  Room Number Area
          in sq. Mtrs
a Class Rooms 52 47
b Composite Science Lab 1 249
c Physics Lab 1 82
d Chemistry Lab 1 75
e Biology Lab 1 92
f Maths Lab 1 46
g Computer Science Lab 3 256, 45.2,54.87
h Home Science Lab (Culinary Art) 1 60.65
i Dance Room 4 41.69, 38.65,39.53,54.87
j Drama Room 1 164.61
k Young Engineers' Garage 1 54.87
l Music Room 6 44.36,46.16,71.34,54.87,30.25,20.09
m Activity Room 4 39.59,38.60,46.45,46.45
n Library 2 228, 111.94
o Staff Rooms 5 16.81,16.81,35.20,54.87,48
p Wellness Room/Clinic 1 43.73
q Pottery Room 1 37.09
q Industrial Room 1 92.9
q Tool Room 1 46.45
i) Pre-Nursery Not Applicable
ii) Nursery Not Applicable
iii) I to V Rs. 8035/- per month
iv) VI to VIII Rs. 9900/- per month
v) IX and X Rs. 9900/- per month
vi) XI and XII Rs. 11475/- per month
Fees is revised after every two years as per the Maharashtra Educational Institutions (Regulation of Fee) Act 2011, the approval of fee is saught from the PTA Committee members.
i) Own Buses No
ii) Buses hired on contract basis Yes
iii) Details of transport charges Rs. 1700/- per month
1 Dr. Mrs. Sharda Gupta Principal 21-Jan-65 20-Sep-99 B.SC. M.ED. Ph.D. Trained Confirmed ..
2 Mrs. Sarabjit Dasgupta Head Mistress 05-Feb-72 01-Jun-00 B.COM. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
3 Mrs. Aparna Mathur Vice Principal 30-Apr-71 1-Jun-05 B.SC. M.C.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
4 Mrs. Dawn Soans Supervisor 15-Mar-75 13-Jun-06 M.A. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
5 Mrs. Namita Vaidya Supervisor 5-Jan-74 1-Jun-09 M.A. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
6 Ms.  Sarita Ambhore PRT 9-May-81 16-Nov-05 M.A. M.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
7 Mrs. Gitanjali Basarkar PRT 25-Dec-80 9-Jun-06 B.COM.M.B.A. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
8 Mrs. Bhavna Kaul PRT 9-Dec-72 1-Jun-08 M.SC. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
9 Mrs. Sangeeta Joshi PRT 9-Jun-79 1-Jun-09 M.A. M.SC.M.C.A. Trained Confirmed ..
10 Mrs. Meena Madan PRT 9-Oct-69 22-Jun-09 M.A. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
11 Mrs. Sarita Nikalje PRT 6-Dec-75 8-Jun-10 M.A. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
12 Mrs. Deepali Nargolkar PRT 26-May-79 1-Jun-13 B.COM. L.L.B. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
13 Mr. Ravindra Wakale PRT 24-Sep-77 1-Jun-13 B.F.A. A.T.D. Trained Confirmed ..
14 Ms. Shweta Dutta PRT 26-Apr-85 1-Jun-13 M.SC. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
15 Mrs. Sunit Kaur Jaggi PRT 2-Mar-79 1-Jun-15 M.COM. D.CM. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
16 Mrs. Aparna Kadam PRT 31-Jul-81 1-Jun-15 M.A. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
17 Mrs. Archana Kulkarni Supervisor 22-Feb-69 7-Jun-94 M.A. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
18 Ms. Smita Dabir PGT 25-May-70 7-Jun-94 B.COM. M.P.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
19 Mrs. Yashodhara Kale TGT 4-Aug-70 1-Jun-97 M.SC. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
20 Mrs. Shaila Shelar PGT 15-May-69 1-Jun-98 M.SC. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
21 Mr.  Rafik Shaikh PTI 15-Jan-69 10-Jun-98 M.COM. B.P.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
22 Mrs. Shobha Thirani PGT 5-Apr-59 1-Jun-00 M.A. B.ED. Trained .. Contract
23 Mr.  Anil Deore PET & Boys Hostel Warden 28-Apr-76 23-Jun-03 M.A. M.P.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
24 Mrs. Savita Bendre MUSIC TEACHER 12-Jul-70 5-Jun-04 BA MUSIC Trained Confirmed ..
25 Mr.  Sandeep Shrikhande TGT 17-Sep-74 1-Jun-05 B.COM. A.D.C.P. Trained Confirmed ..
26 Mr.  Peter Benjamin LIBRARIAN 8-Jan-64 1-Jun-05 B.A. M.LIB. Trained Confirmed ..
27 Mrs. Madhu Purohit TGT 4-Jun-80 3-Jun-05 M.A. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
28 Mr.  Kalyan Gadekar PET 10-Jul-86 4-Jun-05 B.A. M.P.ED. NIS Trained Confirmed ..
29 Mrs. Anita Tathe LAB ASST  22-Aug-72 4-Jan-06 MSc B Ed Trained Confirmed  
30 Mrs. Asma Maghrabi TGT 14-Feb-68 1-Jun-06 B.A. M.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
31 Mrs. Ranjana Ashture TGT 14-Jun-81 1-Jun-07 B.SC. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
32 Dr. Mrs. Manjula Sharma PGT 10-Aug-70 1-Jun-07 M.A. Ph.D. M.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
33 Mrs. Amita Mohanpurkar TGT 5-Apr-80 1-Jun-08 M.SC. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
34 Mrs. Jyoti Bajaj PGT 31-Mar-77 1-Jun-09 B.TECH. M.A. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
35 Mrs. Meenal Argade TGT 29-May-74 1-Jun-10 M.SC. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
36 Mrs. Chaitali Shetty TGT 1-Aug-80 1-Jun-10 M.A. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
37 Mr. C. Balaji Mahender PGT 28-Aug-81 17-Aug-10 M.COM. M.PHIL Trained Confirmed ..
38 Mr. Sumit Pandit LAB ASST COMP 3-Jul-87 1-Sep-10 B Sc MCSA Trained Confirmed ..
39 Mrs. Nilima Sabhadinde TGT 5-May-86 1-Jun-11 M.SC. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
40 Mrs. Meenal Shah TGT 31-Oct-83 1-Jun-11 M.A. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
41 Mrs. Seema Suresh TGT 5-Jan-67 9-Jun-11 M.COM. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
42 Mrs. Vaishali Chavan TGT 15-Mar-81 1-Jun-12 M.A. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
43 Mrs. Preeti Iyer PRT 19-Sep-74 1-Jun-12 M.A. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
44 Mrs. Tanushri Das TGT 15-Jul-83 2-Jan-14 B.SC. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
45 Mrs. Sangeeta Tathe TGT 30-Jan-77 1-Jun-14 B.A. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
46 Mr. Umesh Wagh TGT 24-Oct-83 1-Jun-14 M.F.A. A.T.D. Trained Confirmed ..
47 Mr. Nilesh Melgar PGT 23-May-89 7-Nov-14 M.SC. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
48 Mr. C. Sairam TGT 31-Oct-85 1-Jun-15 M.SC. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
49 Mrs. Seema Ambhore TGT 12-Oct-79 1-Jun-16 M.A. M.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
50 Mr. Mangesh Bangde TGT 28-Aug-75 1-Jun-16 M.SC. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
51 Mr. Ashok Bhairat PGT 28-Jun-75 1-Jun-16 M.A. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
52 Mrs. Sonia Nirmal TGT 27-Jan-86 1-Jun-16 M.A. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
53 Mrs. Shubhangi Terkar TGT 17-Nov-70 6-Jun-16 M.A. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
54 Mrs. Uma Gadekar PRT 11-Aug-91 1-Jun-17 B.A. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
55 Mr. Ghansham Poste MUSIC TEACHER 8-Apr-77 1-Jun-17 B.A. MUSIC Trained Confirmed ..
56 Mrs. Kiran Harne TGT 20-May-78 1-Jun-17 M.F.A. Trained Confirmed ..
57 Mrs. Simran Ubriani TGT 28-Feb-74 7-Jun-17 M.COM. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
58 Mrs. Vishalaxi Patil TGT 20-Apr-87 12-Jun-17 M.A. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
59 Mrs. Aditi Biswas PRT 25-Sep-78 21-Aug-17 M.SC. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
60 Mrs. Sunita Ahirrao PRT 1-Aug-90 1-Jun-17 G.D. A.T.D. Trained Confirmed ..
61 Dr. Mrs. Vidya Poduval PRT 2-Sep-84 1-Jun-18 B.H.M.S. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
62 Mrs. Saloni Jain TGT 25-Jun-88 6-Jun-18 B.SC.B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
63 Mrs. Kirti Khade PRT 1-Jul-76 1-Dec-18 M.COM. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
64 Mrs. Neha Chhabda PRT 14-Feb-86 1-Jun-19 B.COM. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
65 Mrs. Sangeeta Pathak TGT 27-Oct-80 1-Jun-19 M.A. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
66 Ms. Ruchita Bansode PGT 18-Nov-94 1-Jun-19 M.COM.B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
67 Mrs. Harsha Deshpande PET 5-Nov-91 1-Jun-19 B.COM. B.PED. Trained Confirmed ..
68 Mrs. Piya Parsekar PRT 30-Apr-88 1-Jun-19 B.Sc.MBA.B.Ed. Trained Confirmed ..
69 Mr. Prakash Das PGT 9-Feb-78 1-Jun-19 M.SC. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
70 Dr. Mrs. Monika Dass Counsellor 21-Aug-61 1-Jun-03 M.SC. PH.D. Trained .. Contract
71 Mrs. Jenny Kharat TGT 7-Jan-75 3-Jan-20 B.PHARM. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
72 Mrs. Annie Aryan TGT 25-Nov-84 17-Feb-20 LLM. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
73 Mrs. Sarabjeet Kaur Gujral TGT 27-Sep-80 8-Jun-20 M.A. B.ED. Trained Confirmed ..
74 Mrs. Archana Sonune Special Educator 25-Mar-82 17-Jun-21 B.E. B.ED., Certificate Course in Dyslexia Awareness from UK Trained Probation ..
75 Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur Chhatwal TGT 23-Jan-86 20-Sep-21 M.A. B.ED. Trained Probation ..
76 Mrs. Radhika Sharma PRT 28-Apr-85 1-Jun-22 M.C.A. B.ED. Trained Probation ..
77 Mrs. Rachana Somani PRT 6-Sep-77 1-Jun-22 B.SC. B.ED. Trained Probation ..
78 Mrs. Sagarika Roy PRT 4-Jun-88 1-Jun-22 B.A.D.ED. Trained Probation ..
79 Mrs. Pradnya Thorat LIBRARIAN 4-May-84 1-Jun-22 M.LIB Trained Probation ..
80 Dr. Pranali Garge Counsellor / Wellness Teacher 12-Mar-82 1-Oct-22 B.H.M.S. M.A. Trained Probation ..
81 Mrs. Arpita Jain PRT 15-Oct-70 9-Nov-22 M.SC.M.A. B.ED. Trained Probation ..
82 Mr. Amol Khandale Dance Teacher 6-Aug-94 1-Jun-22 BA Trained Probation ..
83 Ms. Rajeshwari Jadhav PRT 16-Apr-98 1-Jun-23 BA BED Trained Probation ..
84 Dr. Shweta Roopak PGT 05-Jan-77 1-Jun-23 MSC BED PhD Trained Probation ..
85 Ms. Sheetal Pawar TGT 19-May-95 1-Jun-23 MSC BED Trained Probation ..
86 Mrs. Manisha Zambad PRT 06-Aug-78 1-Jun-23 MA MED Trained Probation ..
87 Mrs. Vinanti Patil TGT 05-Dec-84 1-Jun-23 MA BED Trained Probation ..
88 Mrs. Apoorva Date PRT 24-Apr-89 1-Jun-23 BSC BED Trained Probation ..
89 Mrs. Shaila Zende TGT 01-Jan-84 1-Jun-23 MA MED Trained Probation ..
90 Dr. Sushama Bindu PGT 28-May-76 1-Jun-23 MA BED PhD Trained Probation ..
91 Mr. Sushil Chaudhari TGT 15-Jan-91 1-Jun-23 MSC MA BED Trained Probation ..
92 Ms. Gautami Lakwal PET 15-Jun-99 1-Aug-23 MSC BPED Trained Probation ..
93 Mrs. Tejal Vakil PGT 23-Mar-81 1-Jun-23 L.L.M. Trained .. Contract
94 Mrs. Mandira Dongare Secretary to the Principal 10-May-75 7-Jun-22 B.COM.   Probation ..
95 Ms. Assumpta Bansod Girls Hostel Warden 11-Dec-69 1-Jun-19 HSC TTC   Confirmed ..
96 Mr. Nitin Chavan Administrative Officer 13-Jan-73 1-Mar-97 BCOM   Confirmed ..
97 Mr. Mohan Sarode Office Superintendent 09-Apr-69 1-Aug-94 MCOM   Confirmed ..
98 Mrs. Sushma Babrekar Secretary to the Director 29-Jan-72 1-Feb-96 BSC DCA   Confirmed ..
99 Mrs. Ragini Pathak Accountant 11-Oct-80 5-Aug-13 BCOM   Confirmed ..
100 Mrs. Kirti Pawar Receptionist 25-Aug-93 21-Jan-20 BA   Confirmed ..
101 Mr. Sonu Lodhi Asst. Accountant 25-Jun-88 20-Jun-22 MCOM   Probation ..
  Designation Scale of Pay DA HRA EPF contribution
1 PGT 35400-112400 15% 16% 12%
2 TGT 24000-81100 15% 16% 12%
3 PRT 18000-63200 15% 16% 12%
4 Counsellor Fixed salary inclusive of all allowances
5 Consultant Fixed salary inclusive of all allowances
i) Name of the Bank through which salary is drawing ICICI Bank, Adalat Road, Aurangabad
ii) Through single cheque transfer advice Yes
iii) Individual cheque No
iv) Cash No
i) Size of the Library in sq. feet 354
ii) No. of periodicals 37
iii) No. of Dailies 3
iv) No. of Reference Books Class wise Approximately 10 per class per subject for class 1 to 5
Approximately 15 per class per subject for class 6 to 10
Approximately 20 per class per subject for class 11 & 12
v) Others CDs, Maps, Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Fiction and Non Fiction Books
Dr. Sharda Gupta, Principal, Nath Valley School, Paithan Road, P.B. No. 567, Cantonment P.O., Aurangabad.
Mr. Ranjit Dass, Mrs. Sharda Gupta, Mrs. Aparna Mathur, Mrs. Sarabjit Dasgupta, Mr. Nitin Chavan
Class Sections Enrollment
I 4 with 30 students in each section 120
II 4 with 30 students in each section 120
III 4 with 30 students in each section 120
IV 4 with 30 students in each section 120
V 5 with 30 students in each section 135
VI 5 with 30 students in each section 134
VII 5 with 30 students in each section 142
VIII 5 with 30 students in each section 144
IX 5 with 30 students in each section 141
X 5 with 30 students in each section 122
XI 2 70
XII 2 63
Academic Session period April to March
Vacation period April to May
Admission period January to June