The celebration began with the traditional lamp lighting ceremony graced by Principal Sir, Chief guest, Mr. Narendra Gupta, the Chair-person of the Trust, Vice-Principals Mrs. Dixit and Mrs. Gupta and the Head Mistress Mrs. SarabjitDas Gupta.

Mr. Dass mentioned that 29th June, 1992, was the day when the Foundation stone of this prestigious school was laid down. The school began with 8 teachers and 80 students and a vision to start world class education in Aurangabad – which today stands tall. Each trustee has contributed towards the growth of this institution. The Alumni have made NVS proud by acquiring a high position in every field - army, civil service, C.A and so on, both, nationally and internationally. Sir appreciated the effort of every teacher who has contributed to make the school grow. As per the theme of our school last year, 'Challenges are Opportunities', with grit and resilience NVS became the first school that started with internationally developed online classes system. The theme for the year 2021-2022 is 'Innovation' – to strive to achieve excellence.

Mr. Narendra Guptain his speech spoke about the on-line classes and the difficulties faced by all, thus suggesting,yoga to fight stress. Sir introduced the concept of 'KASH' which stands for acquiring Knowledge,good Administration Skills, being Strong physically and mentally and Hard-work which has absolutely no substitution. Anyone who possesses this KASH will be able to achieve higher goals in life undoubtedly.

The meritorious students of class 10, of the batch 2019-2020 were awarded with subject merit certificates given by the CBSE Board, followed by a melodious song presented by the teachers, "Waving Flag" – reminding ourselves that we can rise stronger and be innovative to face every challenge. The program concluded with a vote of thanks by Mrs. Sharda Gupta.